White Plains root canal

White Plains Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in White Plains

Most people don’t look forward to having root canal therapy, but when you’re in pain due to a tooth infection, you should look forward to it because it’s the source of your relief. And with the modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment we use, the treatment itself will be comfortable and you won’t have to be nervous about it.

The pulp of your tooth is inside, next to the nerve. When it becomes infected, there are only two possible outcomes. Either the tooth is going to benefit from our White Plains root canal, or it will need to be removed. Extraction is most certainly not the best option. You’ll be left without one of your natural teeth, creating a cosmetic deficiency, may cause your other teeth to shift, throw your jaws out of alignment, and make your chewing less efficient. In contrast, our White Plains root canal leaves you with your tooth fully functional and just as strong and durable as any of your others. There is typically a 90% success rate for the treatment, which is reassuring. The infected pulp and nerve are taken out, after which the canals are cleaned and disinfected. The canals are then sealed. This means less chance of a new infection occurring later on. While sometimes the procedure can be completed in one session, it often requires more than one. This is particularly so when the tooth has multiple canals. Cementing a dental crown to the top of the tooth after healing makes the tooth whole again.

You might need our White Plains root canal if you have a bad toothache, including sharp pain when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth; sensitivity to hot and cold; gum tenderness; or tooth discoloration. Contact us right away and we will have you seen at the earliest possible opportunity.

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